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What's it all about?

Tim and Kim Royston have both been diagnosed with Cancer and are working to spread the word about how to reduce and even cure this terrible disease, simply by trying different methods as human subjects of various tests.

Tim underwent a right partial-mastectomy, after developing a male form of breast cancer back in early 2009. He received chemotherapy with herceptin to follow-up the previously invasive procedure.
Early 2017, this same cancer returned, this time in the right lymph-nodes in Tim’s armpit, the natural ‘drain’ for the breast in both Men & Women.
Though Tim opted for surgical intervention in his right armpit (‘axillary clearance’) in August ‘17, Tim declined the offer of chemotherapy and radiotherapy after years of research after his first diagnosis and experience of this condition.

Kim was diagnosed more recently with breast Cancer in August 2018, after getting a lump checked-out Kim had had for quite a while and had noticed a gradual growth and irritation over a short period time...
Once again, Kim opted Not to have chemotherapy...Or radiotherapy...

They both now have PROVEN, yes Proven that High-Dose Vitamin C has reduced their cancer with no horrible side effects, no recovery period, just ongoing Intravenous Infusions  and/or High-Dose Oral Vitamin C made at home!

Every morning Kim and Tim are drinking a solution of high strength Vitamin-C mixed together with Lecithin to stop stomach acids from destroying the Vitamin C.
Kim’s lump has reduced by at least 60%, becoming loose and malleable!
The results are unbelievable, incredible, and treated by products simply purchased from local health food shops, or supermarkets and Online shopping.

Tim's treatment is different due to the metastatic nature of his condition and is treated by intravenous infusions of High-Dose Vitamin-C in solution, 3 times per week, administered by a trained nurse...
A course of treatment costs £5,500 for 20 sessions. The previous 2-courses of 15 & 20 sessions respectively reduced then stopped the incapacitating breathing symptoms and the subsequent CT Scan in April 2019 evidenced clear impovements and reductions BUT without further sessions Tim will and is Rapidly experiencing a return of the symptoms...

PLEASE HELP... Donate what you can, join their journey and help them spread the word.

The dosage required for Kim 75,000mg and Tim 100,000mg per infusion.

"We believe everyone should be free to choose a form of treatment suitable to them, cure's are out there."

Our Mission

To prove beyond a doubt that Cancer as well as other illness can be cured using readily available products off the shelf & spread the word to help others across the UK and the globe.


Our Vision

We had always planned to spread the word off grid, our vehicle will not only be our home, it will be a physical point of contact, please come and say hi, we can show you proof of our findings, help you and we can all spread the word.

Our vision is to help others see.

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